The Traveler

A Pathfinder

An Ally



And greetings. Look around you.  Is what you see really all that is there?  Do you see the machine and its walls?

This is the fourthrealm.com but you are in the fourth realm now. The reality you know and all of its many faces are around you.

What is your path? Is it more important to know that than where you are on it? Yes. At least at first.

There are 6 known realms, and they help illuminate the path for the few. Travelers, a small group of people that force a tangential vector in the status quo of the world, navigate the 6 realms. Travelers don't rise from the self anointed. It is not a self imposed art that can be willed into existence.

Look around you. Do you question what you see? Do you question what you know? Who is truly in control?  Maybe you have the gift of a traveler.


More to come...